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This full-color, oversized calendar recalls the heyday of streetcars in the United States and Canada through excellent historic photographs. Measures 13.25” x 10" closed, and opens to 13.25" x 20", making it a great size for showcasing traction!


January: Philadelphia Transportation Company Sweeper 144 is plowing snow at the Luzerne, PA depot in February 1958.  

February: Snow and winter weather in general were hard on interurban lines and street railroads. March 22, 1952 has not been a good day for the Omaha and Council Bluffs Street Railway. Car 1006 has derailed, and Car 1013 is picking up its passengers on snowy Farnham Street in Omaha, NE. 

March: St. Louis Public Service PCC Car 1715 is on the Hodiamont Line at Twelfth Street, St. Louis, MO on March 20, 1957. 

April: Cincinnati Street Railway Car 149 is on Route #21 at Montana and Harrison Streets in Cincinnati, OH on April 7, 1951. In a little over three weeks, all streetcar service was shut down. 

May: Metropolitan Transit Authority Car 5598 is in heavy traffic on North Dudley Street, Boston, MA on August 16, 1949. 

June: Portland Traction Car #813 is on 11th Street, Portland, OR, passing Sammy’s Hob Nob Tavern on June 15, 1949. The streetcar and period automobiles are long gone, as probably is Sammy, but the Hob Nob Tavern is still in business 

July: Wilkes-Barre Transit Corporation Car 786 is at the Public Square, turning onto South Main Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA on July 28, 1949. This entire streetcar line would be abandoned about one year later.

August: Illinois Terminal Car 1202 is southbound at the Bloomington, IL depot in Aug. 1951.

September: Pittsburgh Railways PCC Car 1449, advertising the Allegheny County Fair, is at the Craft Car Barn, Pittsburgh, PA on September 7, 1959. 

October: Los Angeles Railway Car 1386 is near 48th and Western at Los Angeles, CA on October 25, 1950. 

November: Denver Tramway Car 49 is on Route 6, headed eastbound on Seventh Avenue just east of Logan Street, Denver, CO on October 30, 1948. 

December: San Francisco Municipal Railway Car 163 is passing the West Portal of Christmas Tree Lane, San Francisco, CA in December 1956.


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