From left to right: Trackless Trolleys of Rhode Island, 1983; Boston's Commuter Rail: The First 150 Years, 1985; Streetcar Lines of the Hub: The 1940s, 2003 (Our first hardcover book); Boston Transit Equipment: 1979–2009, 2009 (Our first full-color and first completely digitally-produced book).


Recent Publications
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Books, Maps, Linotype & Stats:

A History of BSRA Publications

by Michael R. Prescott, Publications Director
(Adapted from Rollsign, March/April 2009 Issue)

Our sales catalogues and marketing efforts have also benefitted from advances in technology, morphing from simple hand-copied flyers to computer-generated catalogues, and in recent years, an online store. While our order fulfillment process continues to be "hands-on"—an operation that is successful thanks to our long-time volunteer Warehouse Manager, Ron Clough—we have recently begun to add more technology into the mix. Tols we have utilized for the publications department, like electronic mailing list maintenance and a website, have grown in scale to benefit the Association as a whole, allowing us to more easily communicate with our members, and encourage new ones. With recent improvements to the website—and more in the pipeline—we hope to create and keep in touch with an even larger global network of members and other transit enthusiasts and professionals.

From its humble beginnings to the present-day, broad-based operation, the BSRA's publications department has been a source of fundraising for the Association, goodwill toward fellow organizations, and most importantly, education of our members in the rich transportation history of Boston, New England, and beyond. While present-day transit operations differ greatly from the once-grand network of trolleys that blanketed the country, our publications department has a greater incentive than ever to preserve the memories and influence of these lines and their successors, and to share the rich educational experiences that these memories offer.

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